Looks like they forgot something.

Dr. Diego Pineros, cardiac surgeon

Nice article in the Los Angeles Times about the strong work Bogotá physicians do in bringing care to the more remote areas of Colombia.  Too bad they forgot to mention the efforts of Dr. Diego Pineros – one of the cardiac surgeons at the Clinica San Rafael Institute of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.  We interviewed him last year about his humanitarian efforts.

(If you remember – the kind-hearted, and gracious surgeon shrugged off any accolades during our interview – and said he and his team travel to these remote areas to prevent further hardships for his patients.)  He also shrugged off any concerns for his own welfare despite the fact that some of these areas are close to / are located in areas with a heavy FARC presence.

So even if the Los Angeles Times doesn’t congratulate Dr. Pineros and his team for all their amazing work – we here at Bogota Surgery haven’t forgotten..

Dr. Diego Pineros (second from left) and his surgical residents at Clinica San Rafael in Bogotá

In the OR with Dr. Diego Pineros, cardiac surgeon

Dr. Diego Pineros, cardiac surgeon

Spent an enjoyable morning with Dr. Diego Pineros in the operating room at Clinica San Rafael, watching him operate on a four-month old girl. Surgery went well, with no intra-operative or post-operative problems.

Spent the remainder of the morning talking about cases, the history of cardiac surgery and seeing patients.

Like many of his counterparts here in Bogota, Dr. Pineros spends his “leisure time” in ways we might not expect. Right now, he is coordinating and arranging for his surgical team to fly to Tolima (300 miles away) to perform several pediatric cases over the weekend. The team will spend several days to make sure their little patients are well on the road to recovery before returning to Bogota, and to another full week of surgery.  When asked about this, Dr. Pineros quickly shrugs off any praise – stating, “they need surgery, and there is no one [at that hospital] to do it.  It’s hard on the families that travel to Tolima [from outlying rural communities] for care.”

Dr. Diego Pineros

Cardiac Surgeon, Clinica San Rafael