“Hospitals riskier than airplanes”

It looks like our last post,  Reputation, Rankings and Objective Measures was more timely than I ever expected.  While I always feel urgency over patient safety issues – now the news media has joined in after the release of the latest World Health Organization report.  For more about this report – see our posting at Cartagena Surgery.  Hopefully, this media attention will help the public to understand why books such as this are needed.

In other news – the first shipment of books for transportation to Bogotá has arrived!

World Health Information & Patient Safety

As Bogotá Surgery readers know, we were just talking about the  relevance of hospital rankings, and scorecard criteria for patient safety and optimal patient outcomes.  In particular, we were talking about the use of this criteria  (along with Core Measures) as just one of the ways surgeons, hospitals and surgical programs are evaluated for Bogotá! a hidden gem guide to surgical tourism.

Now several news outlets have picked up the story under the headline, “Hospitals riskier than airplanes.”