In the OR with Dr. Freddy Sanabria, plastic surgeon

Dr. Sanabria

with Dr. Freddy Sanabria, plastic surgeon

Spent the morning with Dr. Sanabria, at his clinic in North Bogotá (Usaquen) which was a treat. (I have lots of great things to say – but for more in-depth information, you’ll have to buy the book. 😉  I will say that surgical conditions were excellent, technique and skills were impeccable.

Working on my next possible article, which just may feature the good doctor.. Guess you’ll all have to wait and find out. (If the editor passes – I’ll post here.)

Update:  3/2012:  Readers know that I put little stock in ‘testimonials’ but I’ll include them (by readers multiple requests) when I find them.. or otherwise stumble across them – since this isn’t an ad agency..

Dr. Freddy Sanabria


Interview with Dr. Freddy Sanabria

Here’s some of the highlights from one of today’s interviews – with Dr. Freddy Sanabria, a charming young plastic surgeon operating here in Bogota – across the street from Santa Fe de Bogota, as a matter of fact.

He does a wide range of procedures including plastic / aesthetic surgery of face and body as well as offering a variety of injectables, laser procedures, and other treatments.

He has a full OR set up contained within two floors of the Centro Medico de La Sabana building.  The equipment was refreshing modern, along with the facility itself, with good lighting and nice sized ORs.

His English is excellent, and polished, courtesy of several training stints in the US as a medical student, and later, as a resident.  He has a series of infomercials on YouTube in Spanish with English subtitles..

I won’t be able to tell you much more until I take a trip to the OR. (and I’m saving the best details for the book!)