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Aortic Stenosis and TAVI therapies: new recommendations

more about TAVI, with current recommendations from the ACC and STS.

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Diabetes – a global epidemic

Diabetes as the agent for the decline of human civilization. Forget nuclear holocaust, or supervirus scenarios – the real cause of the destruction of humanity is type II diabetes from excessive calorie intake (obesity) and failure to get up off the couch.

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Bogota Surgery and the International Medical Travel Journal

Bogota as a source in a new article on the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ)/ and

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Liposuction in a Myrtle Beach apartment

Another case of criminal harm by individuals posing as legitimate plastic surgeons and advertising on the internet. How can consumers protect themselves from these dangers? By doing your homework – and here’s how.

June 24, 2011 · 1 Comment

Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation news

Discussing today’s FDA statement on Silicone breast implants, and the risk of long term complications.. With a little heart surgery thrown in..

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Diabetes and Soft drinks

The second in our new series on Diabetes.. Today, I am asking for just one small change from my readers.. (and it’s something we briefly touched on before.)

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Bariatric Surgery: latest headines

just a couple of links today featuring several articles published last week in popular on-line media.

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Aortic Stenosis and TAVI: a new ‘stent’ scenario?

What is the role of TAVI in aortic stenosis? Should this new therapy replace aortic valve replacement in low-risk surgical patients? What is the risk of widespread implementation of transcutaneous valve procedures in the general population?

June 19, 2011 · 1 Comment

Aortic Stenosis: More patients need surgery

The takeaway message from today’s discussion: If you have Aortic stenosis, symptoms or not – get your more recent echocardiogram, a list of all your medications, and as many medical records as you can get – and schedule an appointment with a cardiac surgeon for a second opinion.

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Aortic Stenosis as Heinz 57

A discussion and explanation of Aortic Stenosis, and the risks of untreated aortic stenosis. As a part of our discussion of new data on detecting and determining the optimal time for aortic valve replacement surgery.

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New app available for Android phone

Bogota is now at your fingertips all day long as an Android app. Get yours, absolutely FREE today..

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More gastric bypass news

in a study out of Stanford University, researchers found that patients who underwent bariatric surgery at lower BMIs had better outcomes. Additional data presented at the same Orlando, Fl conference (this time from a hospital in from Greenville, SC) showed a significant decrease in myocardial infarctions, (heart attacks) and strokes in patients who underwent bariatric surgery.

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The Future is Now – HIPEC in the news again..

HIPEC makes the news again – in the journal, Future Oncology. Why wait for the future, when we have our own resident expert as profiled in Bogota! a Hidden Gem guide to surgical tourism?

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A frank talk about Diabetes: part one

the first in a series of frank discussions about Diabetes.

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